Our "Operate & Observe O & O" system helps you manage your complex depots and signalling installations.

The Operate & Observe (B & B) system is used by tram operators and feeder and industrial railways for management of complex depots and also for smaller signalling installations like intersections, level crossings, tunnels or termini as well as single point controllers in the network. It is thus the operating user interface for controllers made by HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG. Main functions 
  • Visualisation of infrastructure and of route elements such as points, signals, track circuits and blocking circuits, vehicle identification loops, …
  • Visualisation of secured routes and status of route elements in the  track diagram
  • Setting of secured routes
  • Switch on/off of normal operation
  • Setting of electric points
  • Configuration and switch-on of point heaters
  • Automatic generation of alarms upon malfunctions
  • Protocolling of process data and events
  • Vehicle tracking and visualisation
Vehicle identification, vehicle tracking and display By way of extension, vehicle identification, vehicle tracking and display of current locations is integrated into the system. The module comprises the following components:
  • Administration of track and vehicle master data
  • Storing of vehicle locations in a data base
  • Visualisation of vehicle tracking
  • Manual connecting and disconnecting of trains
  • Manual location change per drag & drop
  • Vehicle-related setting of secured routes
EventViewer The EventViewer module is a diagnostic tool for graphic evaluation of the process data recorded by the server. To do so, it requires the data protocols provided on a daily basis by the O & O server. The protocol data is visualised, with the possibility of letting the protocol run automatically or processing each data record individually. The process data stored in the protocol files contain all the information which is transferred to registered operating stations during runtime. Operating commands and acknowledgements are also recorded. EventTicker In the EventTicker, the malfunctions contained in the process data are displayed in a malfunction window. On a time axis, all data telegrams are displayed which are timestamped and protocolled by the O & O server upon every incident and status change. Status of the malfunction message displays is visualised and described in text in two sub-windows. During program runtime all views are synchronised. Retrospective status can be looked at by selecting a data telegram on the time axis.