Observe and operate your signalling installations and depots with our Infrastructure Management module.

Our solution is based on the modules of the VABtrack product and can be deployed by tram operators and secondary and industrial railways. It is suitable for control of complex depots and also of smaller signalling installations like intersections, level crossings, tunnels, terminii or single point controllers in the network. It thus forms the operating user interface for controllers made by HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG. The installations connected can be observed and operated on location and on remote workstations. Apart from wired integration of the controller into the network, the process data can be transferred from the route to the server per mobile communication. Main functions
  • Visualisation of the infrastructure and different route elements such as points, signals, track and blocking circuits, vehicle identification loops in “Operate & Observe”
  • Setting of secured routes
  • Visualisation of the secured routes and vehicle information and status of the route elements in the track diagram
  • Configuration and switching of points heaters
  • Control of signalling installations and even complex depots
  • Setting of electric points and configuring and switching of points heaters
  • Graphic or tabular evaluation of recorded process data in the “EventViewer“
Operate & Observe In the Operate & Observe module, the entire infrastructure with the different route elements such as points, signals, track circuits and blocking circuits and vehicle identification loops are visualised. Operating actions, e.g. setting secured routes are possible. Secured route registration and crossing and vehicle information like route element status are indicated in the track diagram. Identifying and tracking vehicles, visualising locations  The functions of identification, tracking and display of vehicle locations can be integrated as a system extension. This enables the following functions:
  • Visualisation of the vehicle tracking
  • Manual location change with Drag & Drop
  • Manual connecting and disconnecting of trains
  • Storing of vehicle locations in a data base
  • Vehicle-related setting of secured routes
Display malfunction messages  The malfunction messages contained in the process data are displayed in a separate malfunction window. All data telegrams which are time stamped and recorded by the server upon every event and status change are depicted on a time axis. The status of the malfunction message displays is visualised and described in text in two sub-windows. All views are synchronized during program runtime. Status can also be viewed retrospectively by selecting a data telegram on the time axis. Evaluating and graphically visualising process data with the “EventViewer” The EventViewer module is a diagnostic tool for graphic evaluation of the process data recorded by the server. Prerequisite for the evaluation are the daily data records provided by the server. The process data stored in the protocol files contain all information transferred to registered operating stations during runtime. Operating commands and acknowledgments are also recorded. Data records can be processed individually or protocols run automatically