We manage the malfunction messages from your point controllers and signalling installations.

Our system is based on the modules of the VABtrack product and can be deployed by tram operators and secondary and industrial railways.

The decentralised data of the point controllers is combined on one server. The Event Manager module manages all malfunction messages that are automatically generated, manually recorded or sent from external systems. Malfunction messages are automatically forwarded to the responsible persons by e-mail or text message. On the monitors in the OCC, point controller status is permanently visualized on a map overview or in detailed representations of the individual installations. Malfunction messages are indicated visually and acoustically in the OCC.

The VR14 communication module is used to connect the decentralised systems. For example, a VPN is set up to secure data communication. Several systems can be networked so that only one SIM card is required for online communication, thus reducing monthly communication costs.

Stored process data can be remotely retrieved and analyzed in the HN-P analysis. Functions include read-out of error and event memories, display of error codes in plain text and output of associated instructions for malfunction remedy.

Any daily log or event memory can be read out retrospectively in the "Event Viewer" and the process can be "replayed" and graphically visualised at any time. This not only identifies malfunctions, it also enables retroactive detection and documentation of operational irregularities such as the crossing of signals.