We monitor and operate point heaters from a distance.

Operational disruptions as a result of defective heating elements and frozen-over points? These are now things of the past with our VABtrack solution! We monitor and operate point heaters from a distance. This means much less effort for maintenance personnel when inspecting the systems and they do not have to drive round to the installations. By using a communication module, the systems are either controlled via an existing wired network or via the mobile radio network. Remote monitoring and control generally depends on type and construction of the point heater. Old relay point heaters, point heaters which are integrated into a point controller and also the new HCP point heaters supplied by HANNING & KAHL can be monitored. The system architecture enables operation and access of mobile clients via mobile radio network or the internet. The system can be accessed from almost anywhere in a very short time. Fault messages quickly reach the appropriate processor. The VR14 communication module is used to connect the decentralised installations. Data communication is secured with common methods (VPN). Main functions
  • Display of current equipment and operating status in tabular or graphic overviews
  • Remote control of the equipment independent of location
  • Specification of switching thresholds and automatic switch-on and switch-off
  • Processing of different malfunction messages and display in an overview
  • Automatic forwarding of malfunction messages to responsible persons for example per e-mail or text message
  • Protocolling and compilation of reports, e.g. representation of the heating requirement for freely selectable time periods
  • Monitoring and diagnosis of further system types in a system
Benefits for the customer The graphic system overview of the point heaters connected in the city area facilitates rapid strategy for remedy of the malfunctions. Operational restrictions are minimized. Driving costs for maintenance personnel are reduced. It is no longer necessary to continuously observe and check the equipment as the system automatically informs staff of all important incidents and failures. Experience shows that the automatic control of point heaters reaches its limits in extreme weather conditions. This is prevented by an adjustable switch-on time, ensuring that the rails are temperature-controlled in time. Reports and graphs support evaluations of the technical condition, frequency of malfunctions, availability and determination of energy costs. This integrated solution is also used to monitor other installations. Point controllers, level-crossing safety installations, rail lubrication equipment and overhead line disconnector switches can be easily integrated.