eMobility and Depot Management

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin presented itself at the 12th VDV Electric Bus Conference and exhibition ElekBu from 16 to 17 March 2021.Thank you for following our specialist lecture "eMobility and Depot Management", visiting our digital exhibition stand and taking advantage of the various opportunities to get in contact. We are at your disposal for your projects.


Mr Uwe Zobel took charge of the Order Centre on 18 May 2020

In his professional career, Mr Zobel has carried out many functions including project manager and board member of a large tour operator.

In recent years, he was an independent management and strategy consultant for numerous enterprises in Germany and abroad. His consulting work encompassed a wide range of activities – from contract management to project management for strategic key projects.

“I am looking forward to the new challenge and will provide decisive support to VAB on their path into a successful future. Improving performance quality, optimising internal processes and targeted implementation of user and customer requirements are the main points I will be concentrating on.“

Klaus Schipper is new Head of Sales at Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH

As of 1 April 2019, experienced Sales Manager, former Key Account Manager and Managing Director Klaus Schipper has been assisting Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin. The graduate electrical engineer has been active in the field of rail and bus operations for public transport for over 12 years; he has worked as Product Manager, Sales Manager and in Business Development. He is now adding his expertise and knowledge of the sector, his management experience and his customer-centred approach to VAB’s management. Klaus Schipper believes the team and enjoyment of work are decisive components for success. “I would like be able to go to the office with pleasure every day and leave it again satisfied in the evening – That is what I also wish for my team! Every member of staff may work freely in his/her field while guided by a common vision.”

VAB develops and markets international, intelligent software solutions for public transport. For more than 25 years now, VAB has been developing products for management, control and information technology. Assisted by Mr Schipper, VAB would like to continue to give their customers a decisive competitive edge for the future.

Matthias Lydike augmenting the Management since September 2018

Guided by the motto: “Working in a more structured manner will enable us to successfully complete more complex projects”, engineer Matthias Lydike has the commercial acumen required for the position of Managing Director at VAB. Together with VAB GmbH Managing Director Axel Winkler, Mr Lydike is preparing the company for the challenges the market brings.

A Diplom-Ingenieur (FH) for Computer Engineering, Mr Lydike spent many years working in R&D, Management and Project Sales. His most recent entrepreneurial positions focussed on development and its process in the fields of Telematics and Automotives, Traffic Technology and Telecommunications.

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin develops intelligent integrated solutions for public transport for national and international markets. VAB GmbH is delighted to have won over such an accomplished executive.

Berlin 5 x 5 km relay race between Bundeskanzleramt and Siegessäule – VAB in new T-Shirts with new record time!

06 June 2018: In optimal weather – sun, 25 degrees, dry - over 1,900 teams ran through Berlin’s Tiergarten in the 5 x 5 km relay race which was once again perfectly organised by SCC. While some batons did not always reach the next team runner at the hand-over point, 1,783 teams crossed the finishing line. This year, there were two “newcomers” in the VAB team: starter Andreas Lau ran better than expected and Danil Lappo, as rear runner, demonstrated his full potential even before the final spurt. No batons were dropped, and together with the routined runners Olaf Koppe, Stephan Eisner and Stefan Grasse, a new VAB record time of 2:02:34 was achieved. Maybe it was due to the new t-shirts?! A very special thank-you goes to our VAB trainer team Alexander Haucke and Torsten Beinroth for their moral support during the event.

New diagnostic and maintenance functions in BERNMOBIL’s OCC

17 May 2018: A number of new diagnostic and maintenance functions of the TransX TRX transmission system for point controllers have been added to Bernmobil‘s technical OCC (VABtrack). With the help of the extended server application, correct functioning of all TransX modules in the line network is permanently monitored and checked for deviations via an existing GSM network connection. The new software saves travelling to the controller locations and enables targeted remote problem analysis and import of new firmware as required. For more information, visit Kummler + Matter at www.kuma.ch.

New depot and maintenance centre for Geneva transport provider TPG

13 April 2018: Geneva’s transport provider Transports Publics Genevois (TPG) is setting up a new depot and maintenance centre for its trams - Centre de Maintenance Secondaire “En Chardon“. The depot is equipped with a HANNING & KAHL depot controller. VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN is supplying two systems: Operate & Observe (O&O) and FIVA for vehicle tracking and visualisation. An interface for monitoring overhead lines is also being implemented. Commissioning is planned for the beginning of 2019.


System VABnet for Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH

05 April 2018: Since April 2017, Kreisverkehr Schwäbisch Hall GmbH has been using the VABnet system to implement their “real-time” project. In co-operation with the Hanover company, Almex GmbH, general contractor for this project which included upgrading of existing on-board computers of type almex.optima, VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN integrated the round 200 vehicles into the real-time data supply for the Baden Württemberg data hub. 

Future extension stages will include topics like connection guarantee, dynamic passenger information and supporting functionalities to help the transport companies involved to improve the quality of transport in their respective service areas.


VAB at the IT-TRANS 2018 in Karlsruhe.

09 March 2018: VAB exhibited their new products at the IT-TRANS 2018 in Karlsruhe: VABdepot - VABnet - VABtrack - VABcon “The right product for everyone!"  This year, one of the TOP themes was the ITCS solution for AUTO AG Schwyz including carborne equipment developed on the basis of VABnet. The tablet application for bus drivers and visualisation of the operating status in the OCC in Ibach were demonstrated to fair visitors on a live system. From our VABdepot product range, solutions for management of charging processes for electro-buses were presented along with new features. Charging status and charging infrastructure were visualised in the depot image. Visitors could see our VABtrack product in operation in BERNMOBIL’s technical OCC operated by the Städtische Verkehrsbetriebe Bern in Switzerland, and learn of their experience with online monitoring of point heaters. Last but not least, we also presented the web online application service in the ABO-B program for season ticket management from the VABcon product range.

© KMK: 260 exhibitors from 32 countries presented their digital solutions, for example for traffic control systems, passenger counting, travel information or electronic ticket sales. The IT-TRANS was organised by the UITP and Karlsruher Messe- und Kongress GmbH (KMK). The fair addresses all public transport players and decision makers in public and private PT companies and authorities as well as associations.

Severe onset of winter on 01 March 2018 in Bern – tested point heaters …

08 March 2018: In 2014, BERNMOBIL began to set up a technical OCC to monitor and display status of point controllers, point machines and in particular, point heaters, to evaluate values measured and error messages, and to record operating status. These functions are performed with the VABtrack online monitoring module supplied by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN which provides the information from the local systems in the OCC and on mobile workstations. Following the severe onset of winter on 01.03.2018 in Bern, extensive analyses were performed with the VABtrack “temperature profile” report, thus helping BERNMOBIL’s infrastructure division to detect and evaluate weak spots during point heater operation. The correlations between snow, melt water, heat dissipation, rail-temperature and energy-saving potential were analysed. The figure clearly shows the impact of point heater operation on the snowy conditions.


We help children suffering from cancer and support them with a donation.

31 January 2018: We made a donation to Berlin-Buch e.V. "Kinderlächeln", an association which supports children suffering from cancer. Our cheque was handed over during our VAB start-of-year event and an ice hockey game of the Eisbären Berlin in the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

For years, the Eisbären Berlin have been an important partner for children suffering from cancer and they took over the patronage of the "Kinderlächeln" association in August 2010.

The children and their families who are cared for by the "Kinderlächeln" association go through difficult times and are delighted about moments of happiness financed by the donations. The association organizes weekly handicraft afternoons for the children of the ward. Day trips to Warnemünde are often organized in order to bring a little hope and joy into everyday clinic life.


VAB ITCS control and information system for AUTO AG SCHWYZ.

30 January 2018: On the basis of their VABnet product, Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin developed and implemented a customer-specific ITCS solution including the corresponding vehicle equipment for AUTO AG SCHWYZ. Using industry-standard components, the specific requirements of AUTO AG SCHWYZ were delivered with high investment protection. Modular design, excellent user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness are just some of the distinguishing features of the system.

VABnet optimally supports dispatchers in their daily work at the OCC in Ibach. Geo-referenced tracking and visualization of the vehicles along with nominal/actual timetable comparison provide the dispatcher with a quick overview of current events in the traffic area at any given time. In addition to data communication, the solution comprises real-time and interactive support in the event of malfunctions and the initiation of planning measures.


Web-based feature for ViP Potsdam’s workshop thanks to mobile IT devices.

16 October 2017: Tablets and laptops in the workshop – staff are issued efficient mobile terminal devices with which they can call up and perform different functions of the depot management system (BMS). The web application was developed in close cooperation with ViP and is available in the BMS depot management program under the heading of “vehicle cleaning“. By integrated planning and monitoring of vehicle cleaning, BMS assists all staff involved in this process. Vehicle cleaning takes place in several steps:

  • Regulation and planning of cleaning on the BMS-workstation
  • Preview, recording and inspection of cleaning on the BMS tablet on site
  • Confirmation of the performance of cleaning on the BMS tablet on site
  • Evaluation of the cleaning work on the BMS workstation

Different analyses are performed with regard to the planning, performance and inspection of cleaning in the BMS depot management system. These can relate to monthly and/or annual vehicle cleaning and cleaning inspection data, as the customer requires.

VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN quality management per DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

29 September 2017: We are particularly proud not only of the positive feedback we get from our customers but also of the acknowledgment of the results of our work by external auditors. All our work at VAB is governed by the operative quality management system in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 with defined business processes, binding regulations and clear-cut responsibilities.

VAB on course between Bundeskanzleramt and Siegessäule. Berlin Team Relay Race.

14 June 2017: The 5x5 km team sponsored by Berlin water utilities (Berliner Wasserbetriebe) is becoming increasingly popular and already Germany's largest relay race. Each team has five participants. Everyone runs a 5 km round through the Tiergarten park. The race goes through the northern part of the Tiergarten and the transition zone is located south of the Federal Chancellery on “Sculpture Meadow”. In ideal weather conditions, over 1,800 competing teams, i.e. approx. 9,000 runners ran on the 5 km loop between the Federal Chancellery and the Siegessäule Victory Column in the race which was once again perfectly organised by the SCC on June 14, 2017. Once again, five VAB runners took part. Led by routined starter Alexander Haucke, Steffen Andrack, Olaf Koppe and Roman Skrobotz, the VAB white shirts with rear runner Stephan Eisner crossed the finishing line after 2:05:06. Trainer team and attendants: Stefan Grasse, Kerstin Furchner, Minou the dog.


Dölitz Depot in the south of Leipzig ceremoniously inaugurated.

VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN (VAB) supplied Operate & Observe and BMSlight software systems as a central management system for the newly constructed Dölitz depot in the south of Leipzig. Operate & Observe visualises HANNING & KAHL’s central point controller and provides the OCC important information for safe and automated processing of vehicle movements in tram operations and the overall status of the depot installations. BMSlight visualises precise positions from Agilion’s vehicle locating program and the technical operational characteristics of all trams and buses operated by LVB. Following “Angerbrücke” and “Technisches Zentrum Heiterblick, this is the third depot operated by LVB to be integrated into the system. This creates the technical requirements for integration of further depots across the city, which would enable all of them to use all the functions of the depot management system. © Foto: Wolfgang Zeyen www.lvz.de/Leipzig/Fotostrecken-Leipzig

VAG Nürnberg’s bus operations successfully implement VAB’s BMS.

VAB was commissioned by VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nürnberg as general contractor to implement a depot management system. The project designed to optimise VAG’s depots at Schweinau and Fürth and the central omnibus workshop with automation and intelligent system integration was successfully completed with overall acceptance in December 2015.

Since then, VAB’s BMS assists workshop staff and VAG dispatchers in their daily work. With the introduction of the state-of-the-art BMS, operating processes such as depot entry and exit runs are automated, freeing staff to concentrate on maintenance work. Vehicle provision for maintenance and service work and as-required supply of operating materials is centrally regulated and optimised. With a radio-based locating system for vehicle location determination in the halls and on the sidings, searching and transit times are reduced by visualisation of vehicle parking position. © Foto: VAG Nürnberg - Dieter Kachelrieß

VABtrack infrastructure management system starts operation for HTM in The Hague.

HTM in The Hague introduced VABtrack supplied by VERKEHRSAUTOMATISIERUNG BERLIN to manage their installations and monitor 86 point controllers in the line network. The installations were equipped by VAB with the necessary communication hardware. The data is transferred to one of the servers hosted by VAB by UMTS routers, giving maintenance staff access to the installation data allowing them to monitor status regardless of the location. Staff are automatically informed of malfunctions so that targeted diagnosis can follow swiftly from a distance. In the track diagrams of the installations, all relevant incidents are displayed in the order in which they occurred, making it easier to follow up the cause of a malfunction. One particular highlight is the evaluation of so-called key indicators with which weak points are easily identified and tendencies recorded.


Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin supplies control technology for LRT systems in Turkey.

17.04.2016: Izmir is one of the special tourist attractions on the Turkish Aegean Sea and a modern metropolis: with around 3.5 million inhabitants and a historic and climatic flair all of its own. In the next two years, public transport in the city is to gain a new, high-performing footing with two tram lines, the Karsiyaka Line and the Konak Line. The general contractor for construction of these two new tram lines is the Turkish Gülermak group who commissioned the consortium consisting of HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG and Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH to supply the components for signalling, AVLS / OCC incl. on-board computers on the vehicles. The on-board computers used are systems made by Nuremberg-based MEN Mikroelektronik GmbH which were specially configured for the project requirements. A display and operating touch terminal and two further on-board units made by the carbuilder are added to this system for each driver cab. The on-board computer software is the first stage of a new driver information and assistance system being developed by VAB. With this device and software concept, VAB is extending their competence in the on-board computer field. Communication between vehicle and OCC is oriented to GPRS data transmission. The vehicles, 38 units in total, were developed by internationally renowned Korean carbuilder Hyundai Rotem and manufactured at a Turkish plant.