Charging Management for the e-Bus Depot

VABcharge is our charging-management system for electric bus fleets on depots.
It receives charging orders from the BMS depot-management system and ensures efficient individual charging processes. Economic allocation of charging cycles is a priority. VABcharge ensures the timely operational readiness of your e-bus fleet … whether small or large.

Input for charging planning comes from the charging orders from the depot management system, e.g. our eBMS. Orders are received via interface VDV 463. For further communication, VABcharge is equipped with the latest interface standards. The charging infrastructure is connected to OCPP; vehicles receive preconditioning commands via VDV 261.

Charging planning takes the maximum power supply at the charging points into consideration and ensures balanced charging in order to prevent charging peaks. VABcharge offers many options for parametering, for example to limit maximum charging. With supplementary functions for smart charging, VABcharge aligns charging processes to the price situation on the energy market and thus optimises your energy costs – an additional advantage!

VABcharge extension stages
Three implementation extension stages are available for VABcharge. As with eBMS, gradual implementation is possible so it is flexibly adaptable to customer situations.

In stage 1, interfaces VDV 463 and OCPP are available for communication with depot management and charging infrastructure. In this stage, status information of the charging infrastructure and of the vehicles is forwarded to eBMS and can be displayed there and taken into consideration by the user.

Stage 2 adds significant control and planning functions for charging procedures. VABcharge continuously transfers forecast data on the charging orders to eBMS. This enables eBMS to automatically react to changed situations in vehicle allocation.

Stage 3 contains extended analysis and control functions for smart charging which enable cost- optimized charging. In addition, charging profiles are created which can also be imported from timetabling (optional).

Stage 1 and 2 of VABcharge can also be combined with our eBMSbasic - the basic system for your digital depot.