With season ticket ABO-VU you can ...

  • Administer season-ticket customers and all their data and contracts
  • Execute different functions relating to contracts, e. g. create follow-ups or credit notes, suspend letter printing, suspend claims, print duplicates of tickets, generate termination notices and extensions manually or automatically
  • Have modifications, correspondence and receivables under the contract automatically registered
  • Issue customer cards, tickets in stamp and other forms, single and batch printing
  • Render single invoices – monthly and one-off debit via bank file, one-off cash payments are registered
  • Render collective invoices – monthly and one-off invoices or collective debit are created with accounting, transfer and cost-centre lists for business-client season tickets and pupil/student transportation
  • Record and settle up the revenue generated from fares – lists are generated for revenue sharing and for verification in compliance with corresponding German public transport act (PBefG) §45a.
  • Implement change of school year, importing all relevant data from the previous school year– import criteria can be defined
  • Generate evaluations of season tickets, cost centres, lines, distances travelled and transport connections
  • Issue statistics – individual statistics for transport providers, line and education authorities are processed as well as overall statistics
  • Export accounting data to book-keeping systems
  • Export accounting data from season-ticket sales to other accounting systems
  • Make import data from ABO-B or ABO-B available – the pupil/student data records recorded in the government offices for the current school year are imported along with all applications and transport connections - information on these transport connections and tickets can be previously made available to government offices