ABO-B Online

Application-Based Transportation of School Children and Pupil’s Portal

The ABO-B online procedure, the digital turnkey solution for application-based transportation of school children. Complete imaging from application submission to communication of decisions. One procedure for public transport, for exempted school transportation and for reimbursement. No need to go to government offices or schools to do so. Administrative time and effort is reduced, and acceptance of the procedure is increased by modern web application.

Updating in real time and 24/7 provision of all master data for application submission, for all user groups – government offices, schools, pupils and other applicants. A portal for all involved with user-specific log-in, clear user management and extensive filter and sorting functions. Pupils, schools and government offices are always informed of the status of their application. The electronic post box enables automatic notification of decisions and simultaneous provision (upload) of new documents. The application complies with all prevailing standards to ensure data protection and data safety.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Online form for application submission
  • 24/7 online service for government offices, schools and applicants
  • Dynamic web form for all types of application
  • Data alignment in real time
  • Multi-client capable
  • Safe authentification
  • Electronic post box for applicant’s personal information and automatic document provision
  • Safe data coding
  • General Data Protection Regulation conform