VABcon - Season ticket administration and pupil/student carriage

With our integrated solution for season ticket administration und pupil/student carriage, we have developed an all-inclusive concept for government offices and transport providers for the administration, sale and financial control of application-based ticket sales for private and corporate customers and for regional pupil/student carriage. Our solution effectively supports processes of application, notification, announcement of demand, ticket issue (also e-tickets) and invoicing, taking respective state laws and statutes into account. As an integrated solution, we offer ABO-INTERFACE for efficient work transfer between government offices and transport providers.

ABO-INTERFACE is the export/import interface between ABO-B and ABO-VU. It enables transport providers to import pupil/student data records of the current school year recorded in government offices together with all applications and transport connections into their own database and to add their own relevant details. Government offices can then build on the tariff information made available by transport providers.

Integrated solution for government offices

ABO-B supports government office staff with the administration of applications for carriage in public transportation and in dedicated services. Replies to applications follow via a WORD connection with templates which can be freely defined, greatly reducing the time and effort involved in compiling replies.

Carriage data is provided for transport providers. Various financial accounting interfaces are implemented for payment processes relating to own contributions and refunds. Evaluations, statistics and various exports are possible.

Integrated solution for transport providers

ABO-VU helps transport providers manage private and corporate customer season tickets and all processes relating to pupil/student carriage. Tickets, plastic cards, electronic tickets and customer letters are based on the respective association tariff. Validity data and form of payment are agreed upon in the season ticket specifications. A SEPA bank file is generated for direct debit. Season ticket data is evaluated statistically on product and customer basis. Evaluations, revenue apportionment and various exports are possible.