Software products in use in the German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania
eABO-VU VVO/ZVON architecture

System Solution for Season Ticket Administration and School Transportation

For over 25 years now, we have been offering public authorities and transport providers an end-to-end concept for the administration, sale and financial control of application-based ticket sales for private and corporate customers and for regional school transportation. Our ABO system has grown, and working together with our customers, we have enhanced it in line with changing content and technical requirements. It will remain a major element of our company portfolio in the future.


It all started off when a customer requested a “few lists for schoolchildren“. We devised the first version of ABO-VU, an application for administration and invoicing of school transportation for regional transport providers. This was first productively used in 1993. Several administrative districts became aware of this solution for transport providers, and we then devised a system for application-based school transportation for public authorities and government offices (ABO-B) and also developed a corresponding interface for exchange of pupil data between the two systems (ABO interface).


ABO-B is a system with which applications for school transportation (public transport, exempted school transport, reimbursements) can be managed and automatically communicated in individual or collective procedures using Word templates that can be created by the user. Interfaces for determination of school routes and possible public transport runs support the decision for approval of the application. Where students pay contributions, debit positions can be provided for finance departments as well as payment-receipt check prior to release of the transportation order for transport providers. Reimbursements can also be transferred. All documents in the student file including emails can be securely stored or forwarded to a document management system (DMS). The system also has functions for cancellations, appeals and reminders for processing staff as well as numerous evaluations and statistics along with a module with which schools can request and examine applications online.

ABO-VU helpstransport providers manage individual and corporate season tickets and all processes relating to school transport. The basis for this is the relevant tariff; transport association tariff databases are accessed directly. Different forms of tickets (paper and plastic cards, e-tickets) and customer letters, forms of payment (cash, direct debit, invoice) in individual or collective procedures as well as season-ticket validity can be combined. A SEPA bank file is generated for direct debit of season tickets, which can be processed directly via the respective house bank.

System scope also includes interfaces to financial accounting and for revenue distribution/sales statistics as well as a range of evaluations and statistics. Customer letters can also be managed with Word and email templates. Transport-provider customers can apply for and manage their contracts and make necessary changes (e.g. to address or bank connection) online. Working together with KAPRION Technologies GmbH, VAB has advanced extension of the existing ABO-VU system to the eABO-VU system by adding the e-ticket module, which complements the system for handling electronic tickets (standard VDV). Our partner’s “KVP-system“ module enables universal data exchange with various role systems and also takes on communication with personalization devices, which can be used for printing user media and /or for initial issue of application and authorizations. At the beginning of school year 2020/21, regional transport providers in the Upper Elbe transport association (RVSOE, RBO and VGH) and transport providers KVG, GVB and OSW in the Upper Lusatia - Lower Silesia (ZVON) transport network issued tickets in electronic form instead of paper for school transportation. Regional transport providers also changed over from paper to electronic tickets for their individual and corporate customers gradually in 2021.

The Future

- We are currently focussing on implementation of action management in eABO-VU for application in VVO/ZVON and adaptation of the online procedure (incl. customer portal) to new circumstances, like the “Education ticket” in the state of Saxony.

- We will also continue to develop new functions in the area of online offers for flexible season tickets in ABO-VU.

- Online procedures will also remain a focus for ABO-B in the next few months. Many of our users would like to offer this system extension in their administrative districts.

- Together with a further partner, we will be implementing a project for planning and process optimisation for the processing of interdepartmental tasks in the field of school transport.