Starting screen – Design proposal
Notification of defect – design study

Digitalisation makes for Transparency and Safety

Mobile applications in a depot management system (BMS) support dispatch and workshop staff and increase efficiency and satisfaction.

Every day, transport authorities are tasked with best providing safe transportation of their passengers at all times, reliably guaranteeing the mobility which we all request and need. They are supported by digital solutions for their staff and the means of transport used – be it bus or tram. These solutions include a depot management system which has the main function of ensuring the punctual deployment of defect-free vehicles at all times. The dispatcher receives / has real-time information on all vehicles on the depot. This information includes:

  • Damage or defects
  • Dates for general overhaul
  • Dates for regular maintenance
  • Non-scheduled repairs, etc.

Defects which occur during normal daily operations are generally reported to the dispatcher by drivers and entered into the BMS and forwarded to the workshop, for example. This changes vehicle availability for the next deployment and provides planning information for the workshop and the dispatcher.

Mobile applications installed on tablets or smartphones support staff by assisting drivers with entry of defects which have occurred and workshop staff with working through their tasks and issuing "ready for operation" messages.

Standardised categories in companies ensure efficient work and high-quality troubleshooting. Mounted camera technology improves information content true to the saying “A picture says more than a thousand words.”

Driver input of notification of a defect avoids misunderstandings, ensures that just one entry is made and makes sure dispatchers and workshop staff all get the same direct information. Necessary steps can be undertaken in a coordinated manner. Transparent representation of the entire procedure increases reliability, provides safety in the planning of the next operating day and increases staff satisfaction. Diverse mobile applications already support digital work in controlled processes today without special installations or programs. They can be very easily made available to a particular user group for:

  • Increased transparency
  • Process digitalisation
  • Information in real time
  • Reduced time and effort

Looking Ahead

Mobile applications specifically complement some of our software modules. Digitalization of all work processes is opening up more and more opportunities for more efficient and easier collaboration between the different users, allowing them to work at different locations by making the necessary information available. We increase transparency and gain greater safety and satisfaction. Today, information is no longer location-dependent, and certain tasks can be performed from different places. In addition to the solution described above for recording and processing defect reports, we offer other mobile applications designed for specific user groups. These include recording and evaluating vehicle cleaning. We are working on further applications e.g. a user group for workshop/depot service.

  • Depot image with vehicle search and vehicle information
  • Parking place registration
  • Destination scheduling and destination allocation

and a user group for drivers

  • Driver registration
  • Parking place allocation and parking place confirmation