VABnet Demand: We offer ITCS with a fully integrated module for on-demand transportation.

Cost pressure and demographic change have a particular impact on public transport in rural areas. A declining and ageing population is significantly reducing the number of passengers in many regions. This means that regular services with standard buses are not always economical. Provision of demand-oriented forms of operation can help, but poses new demands on ITCS and customer information. VABnet Demand offers:
  • Continuous customer administration and order registration
  • Automatic allocation of on-demand runs
  • Bookability manual or per app / Internet
  • Automatic communication with the driver
  • Integration into passenger information
  • Representation of all relevant types of non-scheduled, transportation-on-demand services, scheduled feeder service, operation of request stops, line deviation, non-scheduled runs (call-share taxi)
  • Transparent and immediately available driver and run identification by registration process on the driver terminal
  • Automated message exchange between dispatcher and driver
  • Customer and travel season ticket management for recurring on-demand trips
  • Invoicing with sub-contractors
  • Integration of on-demand transportation into control processes and operational control in the OCC
  • Vehicle representation on the digital map in the OCC.
  • VDV interface integration for forwarding of request runs to data hubs
  • Connection of third systems for run booking
  • Individual smartphone app for information and run booking
  • Equipment for request stop stations