We supply a “Dynamic Bus Station”.

Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin offers municipalities and public transport providers the possibility of optimising process sequences on bus stations and other large central interchange points with dynamic, situation-dependent bay allocation.

When a bus enters a depot, the best possible parking place is determined: either at a bus platform or temporarily for longer stops on a designated separate area. The driver is informed on a display on his on-board computer or smartphone of the allocated parking place. At the same time, passengers are provided the latest information on central displays and via displays at the individual bus platforms. This information includes the bus platform or bus stop, the line number and the planned departure time. The information can also be displayed in the drivers' common room (option).

With this solution, processes at the central bus station and heavily frequented interchange points are designed more efficiently. Public space is saved and transport systems are optimally linked – creating a truly "dynamic bus station".

Apart from the software for the allocation processes, VAB also provides the technology and equipment for determination of current vehicle locations and the corresponding information systems for passengers and drivers.