Control Technology for Modern LRT Systems.

Together with HANNING & KAHL GmbH & Co KG, system supplier Verkehrsautomatisierung Berlin GmbH has been supplying modular hardware and software solutions in the field of signalling and control technology for many years. The family of new VABnet obu on-board units has recently been added to this portfolio.

VABnet obu works as central vehicle unit and communicates with the touch terminals in the two driver cabs and with the components for visual and acoustic passenger information via Ethernet bus. Further systems such as HANNING & KAHL’s HCS communication system can be connected via the serial interface. In this case, the entry commands necessary to set the points are entered on the driver‘s touch terminal.

On the basis of this control hub, VAB also offers the entire range of mobile passenger information which can be extended in the interest of passenger safety by video technology or emergency call systems into a universal integrated technical solution.

The development of the on-board computer software is the logical continuation of our long-year experience with the use of smartphones and tablets as driver devices. Apart from the typical I & C functions such as determination, monitoring and visualisation of vehicle locations and timetable situation, data, text and voice communication between vehicle and OCC, a new function complex of the software has also been implemented in the form of a driver information system. This software is offered in modules like “General driver – Information services“, “Line information“, “Malfunction registration“ and can be extended into a powerful and convenient driver assistance system.

Working together with our co-operation partners, further on-board computer applications and system components for passenger counting and energy-saving driving can be implemented.

The proven views for visualisation of the operating situation are still available in the OCC:

  • Signalling view of line, depots incl. vehicle locations
  • Map view of line course on the “street map”  with vehicle positions and punctuality
  • Line band with overview of stops and vehicle positions
  • Tabular view of all runs in the line network